Steven Stadnicki's Stuff


A multistate Magic maze I built about a year ago to celebrate the state of Standard (or what was Standard at the time), based on cycling through characteristics that have to be matched. I'm especially proud of the dead-ends in this one: starting from the beginning or the end, you can walk yourself into loops that can't be gotten out of.

A similar multistate Magic maze; this one I built for, naturally, the Dragon's Maze prerelease. I don't think the maze here is as good as the one in A Walk Through Standard — having a single 'axis' of matching doesn't allow for as many interesting options — but it's a lot more thematic.

Another multistate maze, this one using chess pieces; this was crafted for a puzzle hunt event at Amazon.

An "algebraic" KenKen puzzle, with every letter standing for a number. This was done to advertise a local SF convention at a puzzling event; I was really happy with how this one came out, and I'll have to try building another one of these sometime.

Similar to the above Ken-Ken puzzle, this is a 'self-referential' sudoku puzzle I built. This is another one I'm particularly happy with; it shows off a couple of different constraint schemes and it's a little tricky as a sudoku too. Overall, just a nice, clean puzzle.

A little one-off puzzle I wrote for last year's April Fools. It's not too hard, but it is a little tricky; this basically hit exactly the spot I wanted to with it (though people got surprisingly passionate about the solution).

A set of five puzzles I wrote for my sister Stefanie's birthday a couple of years ago. Some of the best puzzle work I've done is in here.