A Walk Through Standard

Can you make your way card by card through this maze from Acidic Slime to Zealous Conscripts by following these rules?
  1. Your first step must be from the card you're on to any (horizontally or vertically) adjacent card with the same Type (i.e., from Acidic Slime you can move to Delver of Secrets since they're both creatures).
  2. The next step must be to an adjacent card that shares a Color with the card you're on (from Delver of Secrets you can move to either Dissipate or Snapcaster Mage, since they're also blue cards).
  3. The next step must be to an adjacent card with the same Converted Mana Cost (for instance, from Snapcaster Mage you could move to Selesnya Charm, since they both have converted mana cost 2).
  4. Your steps have to keep cycling through these matches: Type, Color, CMC, until you get to Zealous Conscripts.

Good luck!