In Robotics, his words are the laws (6) The Enchantress of Numbers (8)
His Engine made a Difference (7) No one can be told what this is (6)
Our last, best hope for peace. 5th time's the charm! (7) The man who turned a plumber into a star (8)
Tom or Colin (5) Before he was The One, Keanu was this Johnny (8)
Twelfth-level intelligence, and all he wants is a decent pair of pants (8) Mr. Anderson (3)
Merry prankster who showed the whole earth how to think about the long now (5) Turns out he was Spock after all (5)
Videogame pioneer who named his company after his favorite Go term (8) Magic named a Disk after him (5)
Took us to Childhood's End (6) Former Batgirl turned computer geek (6)
Exterminator (5) Taught programmers how to C (7)
Showed people that computers had recreations, too (7) A gorilla in a diving suit, apparently? (5)
Stephenson's Age (7) His baby's Not Unix (8)
His work is Ubikquitous in Hollywood (4) It wasn't an Enigma to him (6)
He helps make the web go Boing (8) Doctor's Earthly helpers (4)
Regular jellybean target (7) He's been warning of the coming singularity (5)
Was it all just a Game to him? (5) Spider spinnings gone world-wide (3)
In 2010, this world wasn't yours (6) Gibson who pioneered cyberspace (7)
Brought math to the masses in Scientific American(7) Europeans call him by name, but Americans call him by value (5)
Angelina Jolie? Really?? (7) Computer whose games almost started World War III (4)
Cyber-woman who logged the first bug (6) SimWill (6)
Apple co-founder (4) The original hypertext project (6)
Anime composer who showed her Inner Universe (5) Mouse inventors (5)
Turned computer programming into an Art (5) Yahoo founder (4)
Berners- of the web (3)